Bil Mooney-McCoy, Pianist for all occasions.

  • Religious services: Bil has been involved in church-based music ministry since his teenage years. An ordained minister and worship leader, he’s equally fluent in centuries-old classic hymnody, all sub-genres of black gospel, and Christian contemporary music.
  • Special Events: weddings, funerals, graduations, civic events, office and house parties -- rest assured, Bil will do his part to make the occasion memorable, adding just the right touch to your gathering. Based on the situation, he’ll choose from a variety of styles, including pop, soul, jazz, gospel, light classical and even holiday music. Sing-alongs and requests welcome.
  • Team Player: while comfortable going solo, Bil plays well with others. Need someone to fill out a worship team, sit in with a jazz combo, or lay down keyboard parts for your studio project, he’s ready. Soloists, ensembles, choirs and even storytellers will find Bil to be a sensitive accompanist. And if you’re putting together an impromptu band or choir, he’ll tailor and chart out arrangements for any combination of instruments/singers at any skill level.
  • Whatever: Over the years, Bil’s “gigs” have included a historic inauguration of a Boston school committee member, a peace conference in Nicaragua, a music festival on the streets of Paris, art galleries, non-profit fundraisers, prison concerts, square dances, two weddings in one day (with the same minister!), and a studio session on a song entitled “Mamma, Get the Hammer, There’s a Fly on the Baby’s Head.” Contact Bil at (617) 202-8327 or BIL4913(at) and add your event to this list!

“Bil has outstanding musical ability and versatility, an uncommon commitment to the power of music…As a consequence of his leadership, people left our church uplifted and inspired in their faith. I recommend Bil to any setting – church or otherwise – where there is a desire for incredible musical talent, energy and renewal.”

“We have hired Bil Mooney-McCoy to play at our annual Holiday party for about 10 years now, and he has consistently been dependable and reliable. I'm continuously amazed at his ability to get us and our guests in the Holiday spirit, and we keep our fingers crossed every year that he will be available to entertain our guests once again.”

“Bil is an amazing keyboard player. His range goes from lilting to jazzy, from soothing to funky…a high level of artistic creativity!”

“Bil's ability to jump right in on a song he's just been handed is incredible. He always chooses interesting voicing for the keys, is a true professional in his demeanor and is a joy to work with. Bil's skills as a musician are only surpassed by his personality and has been a welcome addition to my band.”

“Bil is the pianist we turn to when we are looking for the perfect musical compliment to the events at our organization. He can always be relied upon to be attuned to the musical preference of the audience and performs accordingly. Wonderful!”

Who Is This Guy?

Bil Mooney-McCoy is a life-long Boston resident who has been playing music all his life. Having served as a church musician for more than 30 years, he is currently the Director of Worship for the chapel at Gordon College, a small Christian school north of Boston. Bil often finds himself involved in city-wide music events in Boston's faith-based community and is in demand as a featured musician for church services, parties, concerts and other events.

He has a Masters of Music from New England Conservatory in Jazz Piano and is comfortable and fluent in a number of musical styles. In addition to private lessons and performing, Bil does music transcription, workshops, and all forms of vocal and instrumental arranging. Bil's passions include morning coffee, finding new guitar chords, creating killer PowerPoint presentations, and trying to figure out how to use his smart phone.